Michael Conover, Ph.D. [vita]     [resume]
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From Data, Insight.
Research Interests

  • Complex Systems & Society
    • Information Diffusion in Complex Networks
    • Social Media & Political Process
    • Government Transparency & Accountability
    • Information Visualization
    • Text Mining & Machine Learning

  • Bio-Inspired Computing
    • Folksonomies & Digital Stigmergy
    • Swarming Behavior

  • The Digital Evolution of Occupy Wall Street
    Michael Conover, Emilio Ferrara, Alessandro Flammini & Filippo Menczer managed forex
    PLoS One. (2013)
  • The Geospatial Characteristics of a Social Movement Communication Network
    Michael Conover, Clayton Davis, Emilio Ferrara, Karissa McKelvey, Alessandro Flammini & Filippo Menczer
    PLoS One. (2013)
  • Partisan Asymmetries in Online Political Activity
    Michael Conover, Bruno Gonçalves, Alessandro Flammini & Filippo Menczer
    EPJ Data Science. (2012)
  • Visualizing Communication on Social Media: Making Big Data Accessible
    Karissa McKelvey, Alex Rudnick, Michael Conover & Filippo Menczer
    Collective Intelligence as Community Discourse and Action Workshop, ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2012 octafx-trade.com.pk
  • Political Polarization on Twitter
    Michael Conover, Jacob Ratkiewicz, Bruno Gonçalves, Mathew Francisco, Alessandro Flammini
    & Filippo Menczer
    International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media 2011
  • Detecting and Tracking Political Abuse in Social Media
    Jacob Ratkiewicz, Michael Conover, Bruno Gonçalves, Alessandro Flammini
    & Filippo Menczer
    International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media 2011
  • Predicting the Politial Alignment of Twitter Users
    Michael Conover, Bruno Gonçalves, Jacob Ratkiewicz, Alessandro Flammini
    & Filippo Menczer
    IEEE International Conference on Social Computing 2011
  • Truthy: Mapping the Spread of Astroturf in Microblog Streams
    Jacob Ratkiewicz, Michael Conover, Bruno Gonçalves, Alessandro Flammini
    & Filippo Menczer
    International World Wide Web Conference 2011
  • A Linear Classifier Based on Entity Recognition Tools and a Statistical Approach to Method Extraction in the Protein-Protein Interaction Literature
    Analia Lourenço, Michael Conover, Andrew Wong, Fen Pan, Alahay Abi-Haider, Azadeh Nematzadeh, Hagit Shatkay & Luis Rocha
    BMC Bioinformatics
  • Where Are the Academic Jobs? Interactive Exploration of Job Advertisements in Geospatial and Topical Space
    Angela Zoss, Michael Conover, Katy Börner
    Advances in Social Computing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 6007, 2010.
  • A Python Framework for Topic Detection with Latent Semantic Analysis
    Michael Conover & Mei Kobayashi. IBM Technical Report octafx-trade.com.pk/. 2009.
  • Advertainment: QR Codes & Japanese Mobile Phone Culture
    Michael Conover. Communications of the ACM. October, 2009: p9.
  • Analyzing Software Function Call Graphs Using a Two-Phase Network Growth Model
    James Ma, Daniel Zeng, Michael Conover. 
    Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on E-Business 2006

  • Knowledge Discovery in Social Media Streams
    Twitter, Inc., 2011
  • Knowledge Discovery in Social Media Streams
    Quid, Inc., 2011
  • The Measure of Things: Tools & Techniques for Data Science
    Indiana Business Research Center, 2012
  • Social Media and the Networked Public Sphere
    Workshop on Information in Networks 2011
  • Multi-mode Communication in Online Social Networks
    NetSci 2011 International School and Conference on Network Science
  • Counting Raindrops: An Introduction to Data Science
    ICSA Catalyst 2010

  • Fail Whaling: Designing from Deviance and Failures in Social Computing
    M. Bernstein, M.D. Conover, R.S. Geiger, B.M. Hill, A. Monroy-Hernandez, B. Keegan, A. Shaw, S. Yardi, A. Bruckman
    ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2012)
Book Chapters

  • Abuse of Social Media and Political Manipulation
    Bruno Gonçalves, Michael Conover, Filippo Menczer
    The Death of the Internet: How it May Happen and How it Can be Stopped

  • 2011 Best Student Paper Award: Honorable Mention
    Political Polarization on Twitter
    American Sociological Association Section on Communication & Information Technologies
    (First ever honorable mention awarded in this category.)


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Selected Press

  • The Social Election
    New Scientist Magazine. March, 2012. [link]
  • Decoding Our Chatter
    The Wall Street Journal. October, 2011. [link]
  • Social Scientists Wade Into the Tweet Stream
    Science. September, 2011. [link]
  • Twitter as Medium and Message
    Communications of the ACM. March, 2011. [link]
  • Tracking the 'Truthiness' of Tweets
    NPR Talk of the Nation. November, 2010. [link]
  • When Campaigns Manipulate Social Media
    The Atlantic. November, 2010. [link]

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